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At Silentfrog, you identify all of the people you know who would pay you for anything. This could be friends of your parents, neighbors, or other people who need help getting things done. Then, you put in their email addresses. Finally, you tell them when you are free to work, when you want to work, or even better, when you are going somewhere and then they can book your time through SilentFrog. It's like having your own secretary. You decide who you work for. You decide when you work. You decide what you want to do. They help you manage it all and you earn the extra cash. The first two months are free and they are convinced that you'll start making extra money so much that after that, you won't care about paying $2/month.


Creative Opportunities

Publish your own book:

Chapbooks offers a quick, easy way to get your book or booklet printed. Discounts for schools and quantity discounts are available.


FYI: Best Paying Jobs for the 21st Century

  1. Physicians
  2. Dentists
  3. Podiatrists
  4. Lawyers
  5. Aircraft pilots & flight engineers
  6. Petroleum engineers
  7. Actuaries
  8. Engineering, math & natural science managers
  9. Optometrists
  10. Chiropractors
  11. Physicists and astronomers
  12. Aerospace engineers
  13. Securities & financial services sales workers
  14. General managers & top executives
  15. Nuclear engineers
  16. Medical scientists
  17. Chemical engineers
  18. Pharmacists
  19. Computer engineers
  20. Financial managers
  21. Production engineers
  22. Marketing, advertising & public relations
  23. Electrical and electronics engineers
  24. Veterinarians and veterinary inspectors
  25. Physical therapists