Young Teenagers Moving to College

Ah, the excitement of graduating high school and moving on to college.  Teenage students need to start preparing for that first year as a freshmen in the big world of college.  Some students stay close to home and other move far away to colleges in other states.  But how do they get there?


Some kids pack there cars with all the stuff they need and take the long drive, while others have their stuff shipped with a professional Los Angeles mover service.

I remember the first time I went to college.  My father and I packed the car with so much stuff we could barely see out the rear windows.  We took the long drive back and forth for two years until I took my own car by myself in my junior year.  It was exciting driving a 6 hour road trip by myself.  The radio was blasting and I was having the time of my life.  The open road and the feeling of becoming an adult.  So I did not use a moving company like but they would have been helpful if I had a smaller car and couldn’t have fit everything in my car.