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by Vivian Rose

While it strayed pretty far from the novel by Stephen King, this movie was still delightfully horrific and well-plotted.

Carrie (Sissie Spacek) is a high school girl who is constantly teased and tormented by her classmates. In the opening scene, she gets her first period in the girls' shower and her classmates throw tampons at her. (Strangely, this supposedly traumatic scene was actually kind of amusing.) Anyway, Carrie's classmates are always mean to her, and her religious fanatic mother is even worse. Carrie, fortunately, is not defenseless - she secretly possesses telekinetic powers.

When a well-meaning classmate forces her boyfriend Tommy to take Carrie to the prom, Carrie is reluctant to go, and her mother is horrified at the prospect. Finally, Carrie defies her mother and attends the prom, where she and Tommy are elected prom King and Queen. And then another classmate's evil prank sets Carrie off to go on a wild killing spree!

The acting by Sissie Spacek with terrifically believable; this gloriously bloody film is completely captivating, and well worth renting.

My rating : 4 stars
Rating : R