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A spherical disappointment.

by Vivian Rose

"Sphere" was a disappointment. I didn't dislike it; I was just expecting more. (Also I was disappointed because I'd previously read the book by Michael Crichton, and the film deviated immensely from the book.)

A psychologist named Norman Goodman (Dustin Hoffman) and several scientists are brought by U.S. Naval intelligence - almost without choice - to an underwater habitat to study what appears to be an alien vessel. Supposedly, it crashed into the ocean about three hundred years earlier. Upon entering the ship, the scientists discover that it is really a time machine from the future, which accidentally wound up in the past. Are you following me? Inside the vessel they also discover an enormous sphere, that appears to be liquid, and solid at the same time. It has no seams or entrance, yet one of the scientists enters it, only to come back out and remember nothing. Then, a giant squid attacks the habitat and it becomes apparent that something must have been in the sphere. But what? Strange things continue, and an alien appears to be communicating with them via computer.

This movie teases you. You keep thinking something exciting is really going to show its face.

I found it downright corny. The great actors in this movie just didn't have enough to work with.

My rating : 2 stars
Rating : PG-13