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Chicken Run

by Vivian Rose 6/26/2000

As much as I like chickens, I didn't like "Chicken Run". Several chickens on a chicken farm decide to escape. You can't blame them - eventually, they will be killed and made into chicken pot pies - yuck. They come up with several harebrained schemes and run into a few problems before ultimately succeeding at their mission. (And don't tell me that was a plot spoiler - unless your brain is chicken-sized, you must have figured out the ending the minute you saw the previews.)

Ok, so Mel Gibson voices one of the characters. Here's the problem with selling "Chicken Run" on that merit: The producers did this backwards. I would much rather look at Mel Gibson's body and listen to a chicken clucking that look at an animated chicken and listen to Mel Gibson's voice. Aside from that, "Chicken Run" offers nothing profound in the way of scripting. This film even closes with two mice debating the age-old question: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Everything else in this movie has been done before, too.