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Event Horizon

The "Horizon" looks good!!!

by Vivian Rose

"Event Horizon" is the kind of deliciously juicy, spooky movie that raises your blood pressure (and probably your cholesterol too, since most people munch more greasy buttered popcorn in suspenseful movies) but that's beside the point. I loved this movie and it rates up there with the likes of "Frankenstein," "Dracula," and all those other highly acclaimed horror movies - only this one's even better!

Seven rescuers are on a rescue mission (what else could it be?) in hopes of finding the crew of an abandoned spaceship named Event Horizon that has been missing in outerspace - way past Neptune, no less - for seven years.

When they locate Event Horizon, on board they find some spooky, evil presences - ghosts? monsters? What are they?

Horror after horror befalls the rescuers, and the strange doctor who joined the rescue team becomes more malevolent as the movie continues.

The special effects and background music make this movie as gleefully spooky - and totally gory as a Stephen King novel. I recommend it.

My rating : 4 stars
Rating : R