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Bless the Child

Reviewed by Vivian Rose

"Bless the Child" is a fairly entertaining horror movie. Kim Basinger stars as Maggie, a divorced psychiatric nurse who has raised her niece, Cody, since she was an infant. (Cody's mother Jenna, a drug addict, dumped her newborn baby with Maggie.) Cody turns out to be a "special" child - doctors think she is autistic, but actually she has magic powers. In fact, Cody was born to save the world from evil.Now Maggie has to protect Cody from the sinister devil worshippers who want to use her power for evil.

Wait, let me stop laughing before I finish this review.

Despite the hokey premise, "Bless the Child" isn't too poorly structured. I was interested for at least the first half of the movie, and I liked the actors. Basically the only problem with this movie is the predictable, cookie-cutter plot (evil stalks the world, like I never saw that before) and the blatant ending. However, most of the characters were decently written, and some of the action scenes were pretty cool (I liked the one where the head fell off the dead body).

If you like bloody, gory horror movies, I'd recommend "Bless the Child" - but I suggest you wait until it's out on video, or at least only pay matinee prices.