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Being Human

Being Human

by Vivian Rose, age 14, Arkansas

"Being Human" is an absorbing, if not terribly captivating, film starring Robin Williams.

Williams plays several different roles in this movie. Not only is he a caveman, later he's a Greek slave, then a nineteenth century early American, and so on. For much of this movie, you don't know exactly how he progresses from one story to another (although, along with a woman, he narrates the stories from the beginning). Yet he always ends up being the main character.

Watching Williams go from one character to another is moderately entertaining. The fact that "Being Human" has several very different plots all in one is preferable - when and if one story line becomes boring, it's over in a few minutes anyway. (What a clever way to plot a film - the writers must have known that nobody could hate all the stories in it!) While not Williams' best movie, "Being Human" is still worth watching.

My rating: 2 stars
Rating : PG-13