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Twin Dragons

Twin Dragons

by Vivian Rose, age 14, Arkansas

"Twin Dragons" is a terrific combination of action and comedy.

Jackie Chan stars in dual roles as John Ma and Boomer, twins separated at birth. John is a famous concert pianist; Boomer is a tough street fighter - whose martial art skills are frequently and amazingly apparent - but he remains in constant trouble with criminals, and is always fighting for his life.

When John and Boomer accidentally wind up in the same city, at the same hotel, much confusion ensues. Everyone - including their girlfriends, enemies, and coworkers- mistakes them for each other. This results in much hilarious comedy. Worse yet, they seem to have a strange, psychic-type mental link. When Boomer takes a boat ride, John feels like he's on a boat; when John plays the piano, Boomer's fingers move.

I loved this funny, fast-paced film. Chan is terrific, and so are the other actors. The one minor flaw in this film is the silly, psychic link John and Boomer share - it sort of detracted from the film's credibility. Still, "Twin Dragons" is wonderfully laughable, and agreeable.

My rating: 3 stars