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by Vivian Rose, age 14, Arkansas

The one likable character in the movie "Rugrats" is an all smiles, unscrupulous reporter who shoves his microphone into a hysterical mother's face and asks, "How does it feel to know your children are lost?" He then turns to her brother-in-law and asks, "How does it feel to know your brother lost your only daughter?" This reminded me of a certain phony-smiles news director I once knew, and I found the scene mildly amusing.

Unfortunately, this character makes one and only one appearance in "Rugrats" an otherwise tedious children's cartoon.

No question, "Rugrats" is a "safe" movie to take your kids too. But, as usual, "safe kids movie" can be interpreted as "expect to be bored to death if you're older than eight".

If you enjoy the TV show "Rugrats" , you just might like it the movie. Otherwise, forget it. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica, the exasperating cast of the show, are naturally the stars of this movie. Joining them is Tommy's new baby brother, Dillon, who soon evokes feelings of jealousy in Tommy. So, Tommy and his friends decide to take Tommy back to the "hopsicle" as they call it (ouch, my ears!), and proceed to do so via the "Kreptar". This is a child-size, dinosaur shaped toy car that Tommy's father, a toy-inventor, dreamed up. The babies have a wild adventure together, while their parents go frantic.

The best thing I can say about "Rugrats" is that it gave me a good excuse to take a nap.

Rating: G