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Analyze This

by Vivian Rose, age 14, Arkansas

After Robert DeNiro's monotonous film, "Ronin", I was very pleased with his latest film, "Analyze This", in which he stars opposite Billy Crystal.

DeNiro portrays Vitto, a gangster "with problems". As his shrink Ben's (Billy Crystal) girlfriend (Lisa Kudrow) puts it, "Well, yeah!" But recently, DeNiro has been having some unusual (for him) problems. For example, he has been overly emotional (which means that he cries at corny commercials) and very stressed out about a big upcoming meeting. Naturally, he's had a few panic attacks too, and it's apparent that he has sexual problems as well.

As a psychiatrist, Ben tries to aid Vitto in solving his problems, but soon becomes fed up with Vitto's antics. When Vitto ruins Ben's wedding, Ben decides it's the last straw. Try telling that to a crime boss - Vitto doesn't take no for an answer!

Vitto's hilariously annoying stunts were continually amusing. Both DeNiro's and Crystal's performances were commendable, Kudrow was an excellent choice in her supporting role. Even Ben's teenage son is engagingly droll. "Analyze This" is a marvelous film and that I highly recommend.

My rating: 3 stars
Rating : R (for language, a scene of sexuality and some violence)