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Review of Shea Seger's Debut CD

by Amanda G., 16, from US

What happens when you mix a fresh new artist with an amazing new style? Shea Seger. Coming from a small town in Texas, Shea was influenced by many types of music. Her debut album, "The May Street Project," reflects those influences and adds her own special touch. One word to describe "The May Street Project" would be: real. Because there are hints of hip-hop, soul, pop, etc., the album can appeal to a wide variety of music lovers. Shea also has a voice of her own. Trying to describe it would be fierce because it is amazing. To compare it to today's artist lineup would also do it little justice because she has shaped and developed her own style of singing.

Starting out the album with a bang is the song "Last Time." The beat is catchy and it leads you into the unique beats and soulful songs. "Clutch," which appears second on the album, also catches you attention because of the feel of the song. "I Love You Too Much" is a slow song that is sure to become a fan favorite because of its light feel and electric quality.

Each song into the album brings out new beats and unique styles. "Walk On Rainbows" has a tribal beat sense to it. "Always" is a great duet with Ron Sexsmith. It has a good melody and atmosphere about it. "I Can't Lie" is a sing-a-long song with an amazing affect on the listener. Ending the album is the title song "May Street" which contains great beats and powerful wording.

Throughout the album you hear everything from piano to the harmonica and bells. The overall feel is powerful and emotionally strong. Each genre is represented in this album. This is surely a good addition if not a staple to any music collection and we have an amazing artist on hands with Shea.