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Violet Dream

by Joshua Ray Carpenter, 17, from USA

Withering into her violet stream,
staring into another peaceful dream,
And in her illustrated eyes of no disguise,
I witness a new life......
She guides me to the inevitable sea,
vaguely whispering at me
A new sea of rapture, a new vision of laughter.
Bearing down upon me, soothing echoes of serenity,
In fields of the daisy, in one glance, at certain stance,
I see before me, eloquently, a portrait of thee,
Slipping away, just drifting away in mysterious eyes,
I'm falling away, just floating away,
on the softly spoken butterfly.
Unto these eyes, unto these jewels of entry,
these eyes of an a breath of fatal,
A breath of ecstasy.......
An endless subtle surprise, an endless meeting devised,
Once again I ponder amazed,
and once again I must gaze....
At the two stars in sight--the only two eyes of night,
this inspiration---such silent bright moonlight,
this meditation---such silence in spite.
Show me the perpetual glee within thee,
Show me the intriguing soul I see.
Just one pulse of your soulful melody,
once more confide unto me....
Entice my night, fly your jewels of night,
Continuing this soulful flight,
Now absorbed with her violet stream, withheld in this erotic beam....She conveys me unto another dream