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The Log and the Flowers

Matthew Souther, 16, US

I came to the forest
And stopped at a spot
In the flowers
Where a log was proceeding to rot...

I looked at it closely,
This corpse of a tree,
Infested with termites,
As dead as could be...

The plants growing 'round it
Fed on its remains,
Barbarian flowers
With floral disdain...

I thought to myself,
"What a quaint little scene,
Though plants may be remorseless
And vicious and mean..."

"And though they'll consume
What is now a dead log,
In a manner
Suggesting the term 'dog eat dog,'..."

"And although they are not--
Surely never will be--
As mighty a giant
As once was this tree..."

"I'll bask in the beauty
Of this little spot,
With the flowers,
And the log that's proceeding to rot..."