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Portraiture of a Rose

by Victoria Bloyer, age 13 from US

The lovely rose, each petal clad in scarlet velvet elegance,
Among the most noble of plants, it stands above the rest.
With each springtime breeze, it's intoxicating fragrance wafts,
Tenderly gracing each nostril, sending those who smell it spellbound. Each hand, guided by the scarlet temptress' perfume,
Cannot keep themselves from caressing the dark red velvet.
Like a young man embracing his beauteous, enchanting love
One longs to gently hold the rose close and bask in her glory.
But in a feisty manner of refusal to such attention,
The scarlet rose pricks with thorns her entranced victim.
The rose is so often portrayed so noble, so innocent.
Beneath the delectable sight and scent is more than meets the eye. Beneath the glamour there is a wilder side tinged with aggression.
Ah, how much like a woman the rose seems to be.