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Friend Equals Thief

Chris Williams, 16, US

You were my very best friend
You meant the world to me, but I wanted more
I didn't care about our difference
That's what made us unique

We laughed together, played together
We shared our feelings together
Wasn't that enough?
I thought we would be together

When I told you I loved you I meant it
It wasn't a lie
I really did love you
It wasn't a crush either

You make me cry
When I can't say hi
I'll love you forever
In any kind of weather

We were like Romeo and Juliet
Star-Crossed Lovers
Even though only one of us said it
I wished things could have worked out

My love was heaven and yours was hell
I wanted you to come up with me
But you decided to stay below
But I'll always wait for you

You were an angel to me
I could clearly see
You stole my heart
Like a thief in the night