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2gether On R Own

by Justin K., from US

I fell off the deep end
But it's okay because you still care
I no longer can pretend
That there's not feelings here
And it's not that I'm afraid to admit them
Only scared of what you'll think
I just know we'll make it
When there is nothing left to see
We'll just wonder what happens next
And wait here till the end
I remember I said you were different
Not like anyone I know
I tried to act innocent
But I didn't even know myself
Now I'm here
And just as confused as you
Trapped in this whirlwind
Condemned in a living hell
I don't have to ask anymore
Just existing together on our own
Because you're the part of me that's gone
The part connecting life and dreams
And I don't have to ask anymore
But it always makes me think.