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I sit here wondering…

by Coletta Cortez, age 15, from US

What really is going through your head
Do you really want to be just friends or more
And when I decided to lay next to you in bed
Was I too easy or just another whore

Because I feel the worst pain ever
Just hoping you'll change your mind
But we'll always be friends forever
Because someone like you is hard to find

You gave me hope to live another day
Now I know love is out there
You opened my eyes to see a different light…as I lay
And cry about how it's not fair

If only feelings could be controlled
I wouldn't feel this pain inside
But I will find another I am told
So have the stars above deceived me and lied

It's just another day or week you'll say
But seeing you makes me strong
So how do I get the strength to go on
Not knowing if you care, or if you'll be around long

I keep on wondering when you'll let me into your soul
And I want to know what's beneath
Do I have to know you years, before you come out your hole
And when will you see all my pain and grief

So just let your soul out and let it be captured
Because I'll always be here till the end…