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Dear Adam

by Melissa Bitz, age 14, from US

I miss you, I love you, I want you here
Stop drinking, stop partying, I need you near
You're wasting your life and being real dumb
You're parents are trusting you, but not everyone
Look at my face, do I really look pleased?
This needs to end now, I'm down on my knees
Don't make me cry, you know that you can
I'm sure you've got it under control with some kind of plan
Just watch as I wait here forever and always
I'm waiting to see if what you do actually pays
Don't make up excuses or lie to my face
I'm tired of it, you're such a disgrace!
Fine, stay where you are, just forget about me
I no longer exist, now you're totally free
Goodbyes are so hard and will be to the end
But this one is hardest, my blinded friend
So go drink and party, do whatever you want
Just remember what you lost is more valuable than pot
"Was it really worth it?" you might ask yourself
Babe, I still love you and nobody else
This could be the end, but who really knows
You didn't come back or comfort my woes
See you someday, I hope you're alright
Don't ever look back, and over come all fright
Good luck in the future, I've been left behind
But don't worry about me, I'll be just fine
Remember your old choices and make some new
I promise I'll never, EVER forget you
So goodbye my friend, I've gotta go now
This is my last curtsie, my final bow
Yes, I'm still here, but this is all that you get
OK, now it's final, I'm such a hypocrite!
I'm not gonna leave you, no matter what you do
Our bond's just too strong for me to unglue
I love you so much, and still want you here
Just give up one party, and please hold me dear
Now this is the end, nothing left is to say
I'm just glad to know that you're still my babe