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Sneha Bachani

I liked you as a friend,
and made it a trend,
to know you inside-out
and about this there's no doubt.
But as we came closer,
there was something fishy,
I realised that
I felt a bit uneasy.
It wasn't just friendship,
it was something more
maybe it was love,
and right to the core.
The day I told you this,
even you felt the same
and went right ahead ,
to play with me the game.
The days with you were so bright,
I was free of all fright
You were there with me at all times,
no matter how hard they rhymed.
But as the days passed,
As the seasons changed,
instead of coming closer,
we went right away.
It was all my fault,
didn't protect you from the sun,
instead of sitting with you,
I made a fast run.
I was a bit nervous,
and a bit too conscious
of you'll think of me
in those hardships.
Finally the day arrived,
and everything was over
when you and me
were now no more closer.
And now when you are not there,
to hold my hand
I feel like a beach,
when there's no sand.
But I am sure of this
that you don't feel the same
you have even
forgotten my name.
But Oh i ask you dear
why be so unfair,
like all the other books
the pages have to tear?
whenever i speak to you
you are so rude,
but let me tell you one thing
that you'll always be cute
Let me tell you something,
something right from my heart
no matter how you treat me,
I love you from all my heart.
You were the sunshine in my life
though it doesn't shine on me today,
but i'll still keep loving you
and thats all I have to say!