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Forever Not Never:

by Jesse Allen, age 18, from Canada

As I slave away on this machine
Trying to find a real friend;
In this world so full of unreal dreams,
There you arrive;
A name,
Just a silhouette of who you are
And who I want you to be.
Still, words never as lies,
Never a fear of reality.

You who can feel my heart,
My mind and my soul.
Without touching or seeing,
My rough exterior.
One like you,
Who I can live to trust
More then even the closest of friends.

Despite my wounds, and equally yours,
Our forces bond.
Through time spent without
And when few words
Last until the sun rises.
Forever I shall cherish each night,
For my love is true.
Never to forget the potency
And effect you have provided,
In turning dreams to reality.