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My message to you....

by Clare Adomeit, age 15. from the UK

What is love? A question to us all,
How our minds boggle with envy,
Each time someone falls.
Nobody knows what love truthfully is,
Until they unlock love, and hold the sacred key.
Love will find you in time.
Why do we search? What ecstacy do we need?
We all hope to find love, in time,
And cherish it forever.
Is it that someone loves you?
Or is that just a cliche everyone hopes to relate to?
Or perhaps that is just little old me.
Love is what i dream of,
What i wish to become part of, like a play.
To find the one meaning of life - love.
My answer to you.....
Love, and answer a difficult thing.
Too complicated to explain,
What is love?
Love is like a drug,
You need it but you can't quite clinch it.
Love = love.
We search to find a place to belong,
A soulmate we can connect with,
For eternity.
Someone does love you, but maybe doesn't show it.
Just wait and love will come to you.
In time, love can touch everyone.
Yes love is what i dream of,
Everyone dreams of love at sometime.
There is love in everyone - life.