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  Beautiful Girl Jess Campbell
  To Daniel Rachael Fidler
  Romance A. Halkias
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  I Fell Without You Lee
  So Close, Yet Never Further Jennifer Oldham
  Forever Not Never Jesse Allen
  My message to you... Clare Adomeit
  My Love Stays Undefined Enola Bright
  Depths of My Heart Yandace Brown
  What Do You Do? Charity
  I sit here wondering Coletta Cortez
  Last Kiss Davina
  Aeriel View Harmony Lee Hadley
  You May Not Think So Now Renee Hutson
  Cuz i'm willing to wait for some time Jess
  Unknown Shewana Kirkpatrick
  My Love For You Is Stronger Megan
  Aleka Midnight Poet
  I Saw A Boy Today Moriah
  Missing You Dan Nedzwecky
  Love Is All Nicole S.
  Just an Imitation of Someone Paula L.
  Lost Luke Prowse
  Love Letter Shakeya
  Loving A Storm Shannon
  A Little Past Sarah Jean Simonelli
  If He Only Knew Amanda
  Confusion... Ashley Bauman
  Dear Adam Melissa Bitz
  There Was A Girl I Once Loved Josh Brock
  I Wish Courtney
  Daniel Christie Darling
  L-O-V-E Stephanie Dawe
  True Love Stephanie Dawe
  Tell Me J. Hinton
  2gether On R Own Justin K.
  Brandon Breanne M. Loffredi
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  Used To Be Sonni
  Best Friends In Love Jennifer Stanley
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  Love At First Sight Vanessa Williams