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Too Soon

by Bailey Smith, age 15, from US

we talked for hours
as i put on my seat belt
everything from home to boys
everything that i felt.

the trip that we took;
i had a blast
remembering everything you did
not knowing it would be our last.

in april we found out that you had cancer
everything came to a halt
realizing this was really happening
figuring it was all your fault.

i'd watch you suffer
watching you do chemo everyday
thinking of something i could do
but basically wishing you could stay
i hated watching you get weaker
waiting for you to get better
seeing everything crumble to pieces
knowing you can never read my letter.

what i wouldn't do to get you back in my life
remembering every last thing you did
wondering when i will see you again
it must have been hard leaving your own kid.

i thought i could handle you leaving me
but deep down inside i couldn't
you are the light in my life
i thought that it would burn bright but it doesn't

it's practically two hours to you
but long suffering years for me
why can't you just come back
so we can again be a family of three.

i'm only 14 and i have already lost my mom
i know you'll never leave my side
stay with me forever
i regret every time i lied.

you won't be there to say " goodnight" or " have fun"
but you'll be there to listen to me cry at night
maybe you'll be crying too with me
we'll be together soon in the light.

why did you have to leave me when i needed you the most
i'll remember you always everyday and noon
wishing you'd be here with me
but i can only say that it was too soon!