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I Love You So

Kathy Garza, 17, U.S.

I loved you from the very start.
I love you with my dying heart.
It's hard for me to express my feelings to you
So I am here to let you know I'm true.
When I needed you most you were there for me,
Even when I wanted to be set free.
I remember you putting me to sleep on your chest.
I still think those days were the best.
Now that you're not here with us I have to be strong,
I don't now for how long.
I can't read your letters even though I try
Cause I can't stand these tears I cry.
I sometimes tell myself you're just out at work and
you'll be back soon
But I realize you're not, as I stare up at the moon.
I'm growing up so fast and I know I will soon be on my
At least I've seen the stars in the sky and felt the
winds that have blown.
I guess I've said all I needed to say, now I must go.
And remember, Daddy, I love you so!