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The Horse

Mindy Compton, 13, US

I look into the barn, all musty and old.
Something lightning brown flashes at my eye.
There before me is a treasure to behold.
A mare stares back at me.

Her eyes flashing in the dark.
Her shoulders broad and wide.
Her mane flowing down her neck.
Not a fly on her shiny hide.

I can feel her breath, wet and warm.
She looks at me with deep brown eyes.
They seem to jump and swarm
Around my face as they study me.

I reach a hand out, no harm to be done.
I tell her I do not mean wrong.
She nuzzles it gently and snorts.
I keep quiet but in my heart is a song.

She jerks back, uneasy and afraid.
I jump at her sudden movements.
I reach in again and tell her it's okay.
She seems to trust me a little more.

She tries just one more time to trust me.
She moves a little closer, just so she can tell
That yet again I mean no harm to her.
I brush her nose and all is well.

She wants to trust me, I can see.
She's still a little uneasy though.
I tell her it's okay with me.
She learns to let me stroke her.

She lets me touch her without being afraid.
I even stroke her nose and she doesn't mind.
She lets me feel her silky mane.
She learns that I am kind.