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Definite Source

by Kitty Ya Wen, age 15, from USA

Feeling wasted, worn out, used up
Felling like I'm in a sanctuary
Feeling like hell is right beside us
But nothing will be happening
Like the sands of the beach found in the snow of the mountains
I am here
Like the birds in the sea and fish in the sky
I am sure
Like the bitterness of sugar and the sweetness of a lemon
Everything is alright
Like the sun and the moon in the night and day respectively
Nothing will ever be confusing
Like the hard, malicious sting of love and the pleasurable feeling of
Like the relaxing feeling of being stabbed and the murderous action
of being hugged
I am me, I am sure, I am definite, I am pure
Death is not bad when nothing goes right
Life is not good when you can't win the fight
Like a serpent, illusion wraps around my volatile body and chokes all
life out of me
Like a shark, naivete snaps at me every time my thoughts alter
Like a vicious friend, love stabs me in the back and the front
Love, like a parasite, attacks me and makes me feel good
Then infects me and destroys me in an oblivious state of mind
Happiness is like a salesman, convincing me it is always good
Even when it is deceitful
Happiness definitely will kill you before you realize it is shallow
Like the venomous spider lurking in the shadows, you kill me
Like the rats and vermin overcrowding a house, you infect me
Like the beautiful and harmonious voice of a donkey
Like the wonderful and palatable taste of pure vinegar
My love for you is that great, and yours for me the same

Inochi wa hiruna yumeno