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by Sarah Raleigh, age 16, from US

Lie among the dead,
relax your body,
release your mind.

Cry among your kin,
open your eyes,
wipe away the tears.

Sit among the damned,
feel fangs prick your skin,
watch the spider scurry.

Scream among the loved,
pray for your soul,
dance around silently.

Run among the bones,
sing a gleeful tune,
jump into the air.

Wake among the flowers,
inhale the lovely scent,
pick one to keep.

Hide among the stones,
seek out the ghost,
slip into a building.

Walk among the mirrors,
feel cold fingertips,
stare at what you see.

Groan among the visions,
cut out your tongue,
place the flower on the floor.

Fall among the dirt,
close your eyes,
ache for home.