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The Soul That Walks Alone

by Lauren Masio, from US

Hello? Is anyone there?
Has everyone gone and left me here?
All whom I've loved have come and gone,
And here I am at a mere twenty-one.

My father is gone,
As a man without a face,
My mother, through death,
Leaves me too young to trace.

My grandparents were to follow,
Both guardians of my heart,
Each tear I cry from my eyes,
Fall one by one as they depart.

I feel them pass from both mind and vision,
While others near me try to take their place,
But stone has enraptured my heart's decision,
To no longer open my door of embrace.

The pain is not gone and the guilt resides,
My soul is a curse to those by my side,
So a warning to all whose love will be shown,
I am the soul that walks alone.