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My Life

by Hannah Briggs, age 13, from England

Black is coal is the night shining
Stares way above me yet they seem so near
I lie in the grass all my worries 
Blown away with the wind now I'm
Empy no worries left to hurt me.
But there they're creeping
Back into my head forcing me to
Think them unthinkable
Thoughts the ones that make you feel
Like you're being squeezed
So hard it hurts all the pain that you
Have you experienced just flooding
Back all at once.
It hurts so much that it makes you
Aangry so angry that you scream you
Scream so loud that no one else can
Hear you the screaming is coming
From inside where all the pain is stabbing
At you hard and long there's
Blood on you then you realize
It's you that's stabbing you're the one
That's causeing all this pain not just to
The innocent 13 year old that's somewhere
Inside of you trying to escape bu you
Stop here from getting out and trusting
People 'cause you can't trust people you
Tell them things the things that hurt
And they tab you in the back when 
You're not looking don't trust people you
Tell yourself other people say you should
But they're just as bad.
I watch the caterpillars as they crawl
And think I wish I was a caterpillar
Just crawl around keeping themselves
To themselves no family to hurt them
And if they are scared like you they
Can just lock themselves in a hard
Shell away from the stabbing pain
And when they come out they can
Get away from it all all of it spread
Their wings and fly away to never
Come back ever.