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Sarah Freeman, 15, Wales.

Do you ever wonder how people can be so thoughtless? How can people be so heartless and pathetic? Why do they always have to look for the flaws, the one thing wrong with an otherwise perfect situation? Nothing is ever good enough, and the slightest thing can be blown completely out of proportion, but of course that's ok as long as it makes a good story, right? Wrong. Innocent people are attacked for pathetic and useless entertainment. This only makes the world a malicious place when it has the potential to be so beautiful. Dreams can be shattered in a second, and nobody seems to give a damn about the consequences.

What makes people think that they have the right to dismiss another person's life as less worthy as their own. It doesn't matter what a person dreams, whether of marriage and kids or meeting aliens on Mars, it's your dream, and nobody on this earth has the right to steal it away and diminish it to nothing. Your dreams are who you are, and they are not to be dictated by people who are too single-minded to see anything for it's possibilities as opposed to it's disadvantages.

Never think you are something; know you are something. Everyone is beautiful to someone, so how can ugly exist? Anything can be beautiful--it just depends on your perspective. A sunset is a map of rainbowed light which trickles away into a diamond-scattered sheet of black, but then a puddle mirrors the clouds in a dance of circled ripples. If the world is refused the right to be magical and bursting with a shower of wishes and hopes, then what is the point in it spinning? It might as well just stop dancing it's carousel ride and sleep for eternity.

It all comes down to two people staring at the stars. one sees the star for what it is, a burning chunk of the sky's debris plummeting in it's path to earth. The other gazes at the star and sees what her heart tells her to see. A floating diamond sparkling in anticipation as it patiently waits for that tiny, hopeful voice to whisper a wish that comes straight from the heart and lands somewhere in the shimmering blackness just to the right of... well that all depends on your perspective.