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A Lesson of Love

by Moose, age 12, from US

Emily sat drinking marmalade and eating donuts at the breakfast table.
It was a warm summer day, and she could hardly wait to go outside. As a 13 year old, Emily spent her summer days at the pool, checking out guys. So far, she liked Ryan, the lifeguard, best. And Ryan liked Emily too. They had gone to the movies together. Today, Emily hoped he would ask her out again. He was the most terrific gut, very athletic, and extremely smart.

But when Emily got to the pool, she wasn't prepared for what she saw. Ryan was kissing another girl. Emily had trusted him! She went up to him, her big blue eyes filled with tears, and cleared her throat. He looked up and turned beet red.

" Listen Em, I didn't mean, I mean, um, I didn't know you'd, well, Em,
please don't be mad!"

Emily said, " I thought I could trust you. I was wrong."

Emily learned an important lesson that day. First of all, she learned
first love isn't always true love. Second, she learned never to trust people with your heart. Emily had many a boyfriend. She is married and has two kids. However, she will never forget Ryan and the lessons he taught her.