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by Milan

This story went back to year 1929, 10th December chilled night. In a city there was a house just opposite to a church. There were in all four members in the house. Jim and Jack with their parents lived in the house. Jim was 18 years old while Jack was 15 years old. It was the night of 10th December. Jim was watching a late night movie. They had glasses as window planes.

It was around 12 O'clock when he saw a white manlike structure with a candle in his hand came out of church followed by number of other such people. Jim was too scared that he called up his parents. That night the whole family was awake till the morning but nothing happened.

The next day was Sunday. Jim did not dare to go out of this house. His parents told the incident to their neighbors but no one believed it. That night again Jim saw from his room window towards the church and saw the same scene. Again the next morning he told to his parents, who still did not believe what he said.

Jim went to the church in afternoon to prove that whatever he has seen was true. He found a white piece of cloth stuck between the two walls. He was so terrified of seeing this that his heart missed a beat and he died.

Jim's parents were in deep grief when the constructor of church came and said that once its foundation was weak and at the time of it, a few people died due to an improper foundation. After the ceremony, which they did during death, they returned home where one of his neighbors came to him saying that he had seen Jim in white clothes with a candle coming out of the church.